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STF Audio Player (v 1.3)

STF Audio Player is an audio player that's suitable for playing back audio clips such as audio books, speeches, conversations, training or language learning materials.

It's features include:
  • Remembers the audio clip (and it's time position) where the user last left off.
  • Bookmarks.
  • Repeat playback of a defined section of the audio clip currently been played.
  • Skip forward/backward on the current audio clip in the user defined time duration (in seconds).
  • Double speed playback for searching within an audio clip.

The usage of the player is fairly straight forward. Additionally:

The PLAY button.  Tapping (single press) on this button will toggle between the normal playback mode and double speed playback mode.   Long Press this button brings up the Media Browser so the user can choose which audio clip to play.

The BOOKMARK button.  Tapping (single press) on this button will set a bookmark on the current position of the currently playing audio clip.  Long Press on this button brings up the bookmark browser where the user can manage the bookmarks (deletion) or select a bookmark position to jump to.

The REPEAT LOOP BEGIN button.  This button sets the beginning point of the repeat loop.

The REPEAT LOOP END button.  This button sets the end point of the repeat loop.

The START LOOP button.  This button toggles between loop playing mode and normal playing mode

  • In the main screen, Option Menu allows users to program the skip forward/backward duration (in seconds).
  • In the Media Browser screen, Option Menu allows users to list the media by either their file names or their titles.
  • The latest version (1.3) also contains the feature for users to export data (settings, bookmarks etc.) so the data can be imported into STF Audio Player Plus (the paid version).
This application will be running in the background if you hit the HOME button (i.e., the audio will continue to play).  To completely exit the application, simply hit the BACK button from the main screen, which will terminate the audio play and exit the application.

The STF Audio Player app is currently available for download on the Android Market and Amazon AppStore.

Please note that this application is ad-supported.  Hence the need for the internet access permission.