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STF Audio Player Plus (v 1.3)

STF Audio Player Plus is the paid version of the STF Audio Player.  It has the following additional feature compare to the STF Audio Player free version:
  • Allows users to name bookmarks (long press on a selected item in the Bookmark Browser screen).
  • Allows users export/import data (settings/bookmarks).  Users can use this feature to:
    • Transfer existing data from STF Audio Player free version (v 1.3).
    • Backup/Restore data.
      • The folder /sdcard/StfAudioPlayer is used for the Backup/Restore operation.  Once the Backup operation is completed, users can archive the content of this folder if so desire.
  • Ads free.
If you are an existing STF Audio Player (free version) user and would like to transfer your existing data (settings and bookmarks) to the STF Audio Player Plus, please use the following procedure:
  • Update your STF Audio Player (free version) to the latest (currently v 1.3).  Your data will remain intact during the updating process.
  • With the updated STF Audio Player (free version), execute the Export Data function via the Option Menu from the main screen.
  • Exit the STF Audio Player (free version).
  • Start the STF Audio Player Plus app.
  • From the Option Menu of the main screen, select Import Data.  This will transfer all the settings and bookmarks from your STF Audio Player (free version) to STF Audio Player Plus.
  • You are now free to remove the STF Audio Player (free version) if so desired.
If you found our work with the STF Audio Player to be useful, please consider supporting us to continue with the good works by purchasing this paid version.