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This application let's the user attach (dictate) an audio clip to a selected image.  The user can then do such thing as listen to the previous recorded dictations of the images, send out the image/dictation pair via email.


Initial Screen

On top of the screen you will see the selection bar to choose either the Talking Photo Gallery or the SD Image Gallery.  The Talking Photo Gallery contains the photos that were taken within the Talking Photo application; and the SD Image Gallery contains all the images from the device's SD card.

Upon first use of the TalkingPhoto application, and the SD Image Gallery is chosen, the application will generate a gallery of the images from the Android device's SD card.  Depending on the number of images that's stored in the user's Android device's SD card, it may take up to minutes to complete the generation of the image gallery.  Note that this would only happen at the first time use of the TalkingPhoto application.  Once the SD Image Gallery is generated, accessing it's images is pretty much instantaneous.

The images in the gallery is order by the images' create date.

Once the image gallery is generated, it is displayed on the top of the screen.  The user can swipe the gallery left/right to search for the image that he/she wishes to attach audio clip to.

The Option Menu

The option menu of the Initial screen allows the user to:

Delete image(s) - Trash Can icon

Click on the Trash Can icon and then go to the gallery and click on the image(s) that you wish to delete.  After the target image(s) are all selected, bring up the option menu again and confirm the deletion of the selected image(s) by clicking on the Trash Can again.

Note that the the deletion of the target image from the TalkingPhoto application will remove the image from the SD card.  This means that the image will no longer exist in the device and other application won't be able to access the image either.  Therefore, please use precaution when deleting images.

Bring up the Camera application to take a photo - Camera icon

Click on the Camera icon will bring up the device's default camera application.  You can take a photo using this the Camera application.

Update the Image Gallery - Refresh icon

This button will cause the Image Gallery to be updated.  Updating the Image Gallery is sometimes needed due to photos/images being added/deleted from other applications.  If you don't see a photo/image that you have taken form another application, then update the image gallery will allow the image to show up in TalkingPhoto application.

 Photo Operation Configuration – Configuration icon (Paid Version software only)

This button brings up default photo operation configuration  window   . The application default operation is taking picture only. But user can choose  other viable options: 1 ) take picture -> record  message  -> send email or  2)   take picture -> record message without additional click from  option menu buttons

Once the target image is found in the gallery, clicking on the image will bring you to the Image Op Screen.

Image Op Screen

Your selected image will be stretched to the size of the screen in the Image Op Screen for your examination.

The Image Op Option Menu

The option menu allows the user to:

Play the audio clip that's associated to this image (if one exists).

Record an audio clip to associate to this image (or overwrite the existing one).

Send the image (with the audio clip if one exists) out via email.

The image and the audio clip will be zipped into one file and attach to the outgoing email.

Delete this image.

You have the choice to either delete just the audio clip or both the image and the audio clip (see the screen shot below).

Note that if you chooses to delete the image, the audio clip associated to the image will be deleted as well.

Within the Image Op Screen, you can swipe left or right on the image to go to the previous/next image in the image gallery.

Import TalkingPhoto email attachment

User may choose to import TalkingPhoto  photo/recording email attachment into Talking Photo application  . Open TalkingPhoto email  via email client application program ( i.e gmail or yahoo mail),  then  click on preview or download button of the email client program , it will bring up  Open Attachment window. This window allows user to playback the attached recording or  import photo/recording into TalkingPhoto application.