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Simple calculator with voice command for everyday use. This calculator incorporates Google’s voice recognition service so user may choose to use voice command  or touch keypad  entry or the combination of two types of entry for calculation.
Voice command operation

1.      Press voice command activation button,,  then start to give operation commands.

2.      When voice command activation button is flashing ,   , it means the voice recognition service is active and processing the commands.


3.      When voice command button restored to its original state,

, the service is terminated. Press the button again to start another voice command sessions.
Voice Command  LIst


Keypad symbol

Voice Command






minus or subtract



times or multiply



divide or "divided by"

Decimal Point













"0" - "9"

zero - nine



Typical voice command scenario


Depends on the length of the operation, you may choose to give entire computation commands  in 1 session or in as many session as you want.  For example, You may choose to do voice command operation in the following ways for  computing  operation “1 +2=3”


a.   1. Press voice command button

      2. speak “one plus two equal” then stop speaking

      3. wait for result to show up in the display area


b.  1. Press voice command button

      2. Speak “one plus two” then stop

      3. Press voice command button again

      4. Speak “equal” the stop

      5. result show up in the display area


Voice Calculator Usage Tips


  • When input text length exceeds the visible region of the display area,  part of the input text will be removed from the screen  to make room for  the latest appended text. Use finger swip left/right gesture in calculator display area to see the unseen portion of the text.


  • Because voice recognition accuracy rate is not yet 100% correct, it may take several trial and error runs before achieving satisfactory result. It is therefore recommended that user starts with short voice command sequence in 1 session. Once user familiar with the voice command run, then user may gradually lengthen the computation sequence in 1 session.


  • For long voice command command sequnce computation, it is recommended tha user divides the sequence into 2 or more voice command sessions.  This may reduce the possiblities of re-enter the wrongly returned input.


  • Current voice command works with English language only