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VoiceEmail Free (V 1.1)

VoiceEmail Free is an application that integrates the voice dictation recording with email sending, thus allowing the user to send out a voice email.  It gives the email recipient the covenience of listening to the email instead of reading the email.  The recording is in .3gp format.

It's features include:
  • Record a voice dictation.
  • Playback recorded voice dictation.
  • Email out recorded voice dictation.

The usage of the player is fairly straight forward:

The RECORD button.  Tappingon this button will start the voice dictation recording.  The length of the recorded audio clip is show as well.

The STOP button.  Tapping (single press) on this button will stop the currently ongoing voice dictation recording.

The EMAIL button.  This button invoke the UI to prompt the user for the destination email address to send out the recorded voice dictation.

The PLAYBACK button.  This button plays back the recorded voice dictation.

The STF VoiceEmail app is currently available for download on the Android Market and Amazon AppStore.

Please note that this application is ads-supported.  Hence the need for the internet access permission.